A Conversation with Amy Brown & Michael Armstrong

Authenticx’s CEO Amy Brown and VP of Product Innovation Michael Armstrong recently sat down to share their unique perspectives on the value of unstructured data, the problems Authenticx is solving, and a new concept called accessible machine learning. Here’s what they had to say:

Part 1: Unstructured Data

Michael has an extensive background in engineering, architecture, and BI, while Amy is a social scientist who sees the promise of human understanding in unstructured data. In Part 1, they each share more about their backgrounds, how their previous experiences shaped their view of unstructured data, and what prevents leaders from acting on unstructured data.

Part 2: The Problems Authenticx is Solving

During Amy’s time working in corporate America she found that Operations was viewed as the “cost center” of the organization rather than the “insights center” she knew it was. The challenge was that leaders didn’t have a way to listen at scale to the customer conversations happening in their organizations. She teamed up with Michael to make an impact by solving this problem and more.

Part 3: Accessible Machine Learning

Recently Michael has been surfacing the idea of accessible machine learning in team conversations. In Part 3, Michael and Amy each define the concept of accessible machine learning from their perspective and discuss its potential impact on the marketplace.

Thanks to Amy and Michael for this behind-the-scenes look at why Authenticx was founded and how the platform is making a difference in the industry. Interested in learning more? Read the Authenticx story and discover how we empower healthcare to listen at scale.

unstructured data conversation
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