Improve Agent Training and Performance with Authenticx

A manufacturer that serviced both businesses and consumers wanted better insight into agent performance and call quality across all of their contact center conversations in order to improve agent training and customer experience.

Authenticx in Action

The contact center used Authenticx to evaluate business and consumer calls for agent performance on a monthly basis. Those insights were surfaced in a number of ways including by agent, caller type, and quality skill. In addition to quantitative data, Authenticx provided a monthly training call montage that exemplified agent strengths and opportunities for a particular skill.


By using these insights and training montages, the organization was able to get new agents up to speed quicker and get faster feedback on agent performance so they could tailor their training to target specific skill gaps.

This monthly process of evaluation, insights, and action resulted in continual improvements around three key agent skills for the business. Two years in, Business Protocol increased by 7%, Takes Accountability increased by 13%, and Fond Farewell increased by 23%.

Ready to improve agent training and performance?

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