Increase Visibility and Oversight of Contact Center Compliance with Authenticx

In healthcare enterprises, there is often inconsistency in compliance reporting and monitoring procedures across contact centers. Whether they are using an in-sourced, out-sourced, or hybrid contact center model, enterprises typically deploy multiple contact center channels, which can create a siloed view of customer interactions. 

One organization came to Authenticx because they wanted to ensure all of their contact center vendors were consistently following compliance requirements within recorded customer conversations.

They were concerned that relying on vendors to self-report their compliance results could lead to misinterpretation (intentionally or unintentionally) and open the organization up to a compliance risk.

What they needed was a way to compare performance across multiple contact centers. 

Authenticx in Action

Authenticx was able to provide visibility into customer interactions across vendors and a deeper level of scrutiny into what was actually happening. 

Because Authenticx is a SaaS product that is independent and agnostic to telephony systems used by contact centers, the data gleaned was able to reveal how each vendor was implementing compliance requirements. 


Within one month, this autonomous bird’s eye view helped the organization uncover inconsistencies among vendors – including varied interpretations of compliance guidelines. 

What they found was that some people were training their teams differently and agent scripts were inconsistent, which provided further opportunities for non-compliance to occur.

This apples-to-apples comparison across vendors highlighted where adjustments needed to be made to call scripts, compliance training programs, and scenario modeling. It also provided “real world” examples of where compliance requirements meet real-life customer conversations. Simply put, our client learned that human conversations don’t always produce the “black and white” compliance scenarios that are imagined in the corporate meeting rooms. Adjustments needed to be made.

Once changes were implemented, the organization continued monitoring calls across vendors to see if their actions made an impact. Within one quarter, they saw:

  • A 75% reduction in error rate
  • Higher consistency across vendors
  • Increased call center performance
  • Improved compliance scores

Learn more about how Authenticx can help you assess and monitor contact center compliance:

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